A Tough Time For Artists

        We are living through an extraordinary time that is affecting unsalaried freelancers deeply.  Musicians and performers around the world have lost a significant amount of work with no way to recoup their losses. This is affecting every artist regardless of the quality of their musicianship.  At the same time, we know that social distancing has left millions of people trapped inside, with long stretches of time to fill. 

        In an effort to take some pretty tough lemons and turn them into lemonade,  musician Steve Whipple started a publicly available Google Doc that listed the information of talented artists in his network who were transitioning to teaching lessons online. The list quickly exploded to hundreds of global professionals.  The idea was to connect artists suddenly out of work with people suddenly with the time to learn. 

        This crisis has created an amazing opportunity for people to receive individual attention from world-class musicians who might not be available under non-pandemic conditions.  When Sarah and Harley heard about the list, they immediately wanted to help.

        Today, the list has hundreds of incredible artists including college professors, symphony orchestra players, Broadway alumni, world-class soloists, and more.   We hope we can help ease the burden for musicians and bring the joy of music to as many people as possible.  

Steve Whipple

A native of Tokyo, Japan, Steve Whipple is a bassist based in Brooklyn, NY. When he’s not freelancing in the New York scene, he tours with Postmodern Jukebox and with his own project, Double Bass Double Voice. He also performs with the iconic NYC band The Xylopholks as Pinky, the pink gorilla. Before moving to New York, he was visiting professor and department chair of the bass program at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, in Quito, Ecuador.

Sarah Krauss

Sarah is an award-winning performer, storyteller, and problem solver.  In addition to her performance work, she has worked as a Correspondence Assistant on the  Hillary Clinton Campaign, an assistant to the Global Co-Coordinators of the Womens‘ March on Washington, and as the Operations Coordinator for The Children’s Arts Guild. She's committed to helping artists make it through this difficult time.   www.sarahkrauss.com

Harley Sugarman

A former filmmaker, software engineer, and Londoner, currently living in New York. These days Harley is an investor at venture capital firm Bloomberg Beta. He invests in companies building the future of work, with a focus on the intersection of technology and media. He played the drums in his middle school band for three weeks before they broke up (they couldn't decide on a name).

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